Samuel Planterose

The Highlands are my home since birth and I have spent most of my life immediately engaged in it's natural environment. I am a committed outdoors-man, with a lifelong interest in a wide range of outdoor activities, from backwoods and survival skills to kayaking and mountaineering. I apply some of these skills as a medic in the local mountain Rescue Team.

I have an enduring interest in the living world, the environment and sustainability. I am fortunate to be able to apply some of this interest as a Director and craftsman in a small, environmentally conscious, timber building company.

I have seventeen years professional experience of working with children, teaching and coaching a wide range of activities including gymnastics, swimming, kayaking, archery and fitness. as a parent, my passion for working with children has only grown.

I am very excited to be a part of a project that brings together so many things that really matter to me.

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