Rhiannon Van Muysen

I grew up in Durness and moved to Ullapool after high school to attend Bridge House Art and work at the Ceilidh Place. Following many years away I have returned with my partner and our wee boy and we are so happy to be home again. 

The North West Highlands are such a unique part of the world to live in and I am so happy for my son to be growing up here. When I look back to my childhood I am aware of the freedom I enjoyed, with endless days exploring the landscape around me and a deep feeling of connecting to the natural environment. As a parent I am acutely aware of the environmental challenges facing our children and the importance of giving them every opportunity to connect with the ecology around them.

I currently work as an artist/ illustrator and also bring skills from working creatively with groups of children and adults at the Eden Project, Cornwall.

I am so excited to be a part of Kinder Croft - it's such a positive project for our community and I look forward to seeing how the children benefit from it.

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