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Information for Parents

Starting nursery is a big first step into the world for small children. At Kinder Croft we are aware of how exciting but sometimes hard these first few weeks or even months of nursery can be for families. Our team of fully qualified and sensitive staff are there for every step of your child's new adventure into the world and to support them with whatever they need to help them settle in, learn, grow and thrive.


Before starting at Kinder Croft we would encourage you to come for a visit and attend one of our settling in days with your child so that you and they can get a feel for their new environment. It's a good way to get to know the staff and children already attending. Please get in touch and we will find a time for you to come and visit. 

What to bring

Please send your child with a bag packed with a spare change of clothing appropriate for the day/ season.

Check out our                          for more information. We also have a cloakroom of spare clothing should your own spares get wet too.

Food and Drinks

Learning about how we grow, make and cook our food is an important part of the learning journey at Kinder Croft. Going forwards we would like to increase the amount of foods grown on the site so that the children can see the direct relationship between plant bed and plate. Foraging for edible plants and berries and learning about what is safe and delicious to eat around us is also a valuable and engaging part of a day at Kinder Croft.

The food we offer is predominantly vegetarian with occasional fish dishes however please get in touch if your child does not eat fish or has any allergies/ intolerances to any foods.


We provide a hot meal and morning and afternoon snack on site so there is no need to send any food items with your child, but a water bottle with your child's name clearly marked is an essential bit of kit for a busy day in the forest. We would kindly ask that you fill this bottle with water and not juice or milk. 

Drop Off, Pick Up

Morning Drop Off, Mon - Fri -  8.40am to 8.55am.

Afternoon Collection, under 3's- 1.15 pm,

                                        Age 3+ - 3.55pm - 4.10pm


If you would like to drop off or pick up your child out with our standard times please let us know before driving along the track to the nursery site.


When coming to nursery please TURN RIGHT at the top of the drive, turn your vehicle and check that the track to the left is clear before driving along. When leaving nursery please GIVE WAY before turning onto the driveway, to let cars come up, then check the driveway and turn right down the drive to leave. We have put GIVE WAY signs out to remind everyone and have some more 5mph signs on order. Please adhere to the 5mph limit in the forest, not just for the nursery but also for the other forest residents including children and animals. Please keep the first lay-by on the map for passing only. 


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