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Frequently asked Questions



Which days are you open?

We are open for 3-5 year olds four days per week...

Tuesday - Friday       8.30 - 4.30

And for 2-3 year olds 

Are there toilets?


Yes. We have some brand new and rather beautiful eco composting toilets on site.

Will my child be outside all day?

The children are outside whilst on site, however there is a large shelter space with cosy sleeping bags in case they need to warm up. A daily camp fire provides extra warmth and heat for cooking. The physical and mental health benefits of outdoor play are increasingly understood and spending time outdoors from an early age nurtures a deep connection to the natural world. Children should be dressed suitably for a day in the outdoors but we can also provide all the children with extra all weather water proof clothing, thanks to a generous donation from the Harbour Trust. Please see our Gear Guide in the Parents section for more info. on clothing. 

On the rare occasion where the weather is simply too bad, we will seek an alternative space in the village for Kinder Croft play and activities.

Will my child be safe?


Yes. Children will be supervised by trained staff in a safe learning environment which complies with the Care Inspectorate guidelines.


We feel it is important for children to explore boundaries through a positive approach to risk and this will be an important aspect of the learning experience on site, helping children to reach their natural potential and build resilience in a safe and nurturing environment.

How much does it cost - Can I use my Highland Council 30hrs free childcare allocation?

Current daycare costs are £4.40 ph per child, however we have recently been granted Partner Provider status by the Highland Council.


From January 2020 we will be able to offer all children a free place at the nursery as part of their 30hrs free childcare. Please see our enrolment section for more details.

Where is the drop-off point?

There is a safe drop off/ pick up point at the top of the hill beside the car turning circle at Leckmelm Wood. Please refer to the contact section for a detailed map.

Can I enrol my child now?

Yes! If you are interested in enroling a child for now or for the future we would love to hear from you. Just go to the enrolment section and fill out a form alternatively contact us vis email.




We can't wait to welcome your child and begin their Kinder Croft journey.

For any questions we might have missed, please get in touch via our contacts page...

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