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Enrolment for 2023/24 will take place 


Enrolment Week

Monday 14th Feb to Friday 18th Feb 2022

As a commissioned partner provider for the Highland Council we are delighted to invite you to enrol your child for funded places the 2021/ 22 academic year.

Please enrol with the Highland Council first by clicking on the link below and then


Eligible birth dates for funding

01/03/18 - 31/08/18

01/09/18 - 31/12/18

01/01/19 - 28/02/19




To enrol your child please go to

We offer spaces on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8.30am - 4.30pm and split placements are available.

You can let us know which days would suit you and your child best by filling out and submitting this booking form and we will get back to you to as soon as we can to confirm your child's place. Alternatively please send an email to

Start Date




August 2021 Enrolment Booking Form

Thank you for choosing to enrol your child with Kinder Croft C.I.C. We look forward to welcoming them into the forest.

All information in this form will be entirely confidential.

Personal details of child

Preferred Attendence

Due to the impact of Covid19 this will ordinarily be all day sessions. Other times may be available on request. Please tick or write times.

Drop off times are between 8.30 and 8.45am 

Pick up times are between 4.15 and 4.30pm 

All About Me

(This information is to help the staff connect with and settle your child at the nursery)

In my family I am
My family think I am...
Covid19 and Me

Please let us know if you have any concerns, things you wish to discuss or impacts you would like us to be aware of. Include as much or as little detail as you wish and indicate if you would like to discuss this further with the nursery manager.

Health Record
Emergency and Medical Contacts

Details of parents/ Carers and emergency Information

Relationship to child



First name

Home address



Home telephone number

Mobile telephone number

E-mail address

Name and telephone number

of employer (for emergency use only)

Additional Emergency Contact details

Relationship to child


First name

Home address

Home telephone number

Mobile telephone number

Child Collection

Kinder Croft will only allow the two named Parent/Carers to collect their child. If you require any other person to collect your child from Kinder Croft on a regular basis, please give their details below. 

In the event that someone other than the Parent/Carer or above named person is required to collect the child, the nursery must be informed prior to collection to specify the persons details. 

Parent/ Carer Permissions and Consents

Acknowledgement of Risk


Kinder Croft CIC would like you to read the following carefully. It relates to the safety of your children and the safety of others. Please tick next to relevant sections below to acknowledge you have read and given consent. These consents in no way compromise your legal rights, nor release our staff from their obligations towards your child and you. 


Outdoor learning comes with a risk of personal injury. We will take all reasonable steps to provide your children with the level of care appropriate to outdoor activities. You should be aware that certain risks remain which are always present in the outdoors, and which cannot be eliminated without destroying the learning and experience. Your children may encounter rugged or rough terrain, physical effort will be required, there will be environmental risks and hazards (e.g. mud and rain), there will also be the risk of slips, falls, minor cuts, midgies, and ticks. Kinder Croft CIC will provide clear instructions and safety advice, and it is important that your child follows these.  Within these boundaries our staff have a duty of care to your child, and we will do the utmost to provide a safe and challenging learning environment.


Kinder Croft CIC has the relevant insurance, staff hold appropriate qualifications, and our procedures and policies adhere to HSE guidelines. All our policy documentation is available on request. We continually self-assess and monitor how we deliver our programmes, and we strongly believe that the benefits of learning outdoors outweigh the inherent risks.

Activities on site

I understand that at Kinder Croft Outdoor Nursery my child will spend the majority of their time learning and playing outside on our site. I hereby give my express consent for my child to take part in all activities, including, but not limited to; digging, exploring, hiking, woodland walks, treasure hunts, orienteering, map making, bug hunting, hide and seek, shelter making, wood carving, den building, tree climbing, general climbing, pond dipping, rope work and rope swings. There will also be occasional trips off site to the local beach, neighbouring birch woods and gardens, all with suitable staff ratios and risk assessments in place.


I understand that at Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery my child will forage for plants on site. These plants may be used in crafts and cooking. I hereby give my express consent for my child be allowed to forage and be allowed to use and possibly eat their foraged goods.  Staff will be well trained in foraging technique and children will educated to not eat unknown plants or eat foraged plants without supervision when under our care.




I understand that at Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery my child will be eating animal and plant products from our own Croft.  This will include eggs and vegetables. We adhere to all relevant Environmental Health guidelines.  We will share our monthly rolling snack and lunch menu, this will include ingredients and origin. Children’s individual eating requirements will be accommodated.  In the event consent is not given for your child to access our menu then a lunchbox will have to be provided.

Accidents or Emergencies and First Aid

In the event of an accident or emergency, I authorise Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery to act on my behalf by determining the need for medical attention or hospital referral on the understanding that any decisions made will be communicated in detail to me. I give consent to Kinder Croft Outdoor Nursery to take appropriate action in the event of illness, accident or emergency. This may include treating insect bites or minor cuts and scratches using first aid practices.

Photographs and Videos

During the course of the day staff routinely record children's experiences by taking photographs/video clips. These photographs and videos are used by Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery to record children’s progress and are saved on our secure IT devices and printed in their learning journal. These photos may also be displayed within our premises. This is a routine practice and so we don't ask for your express consent to do this.


We also use some of our photos for publicity/marketing, including uploading some photos on our social media pages e.g. Facebook and Twitter. Your child’s name will not be used. We ask for your express consent to do this. 


I give my consent for any photos which may have my child in them to be used for Kinder Croft marketing/publicity and training purposes, including website, newsletter, magazine articles, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Administering of Sun Cream and Insect Repellent

I give consent to staff to apply sun cream and Smidge to my child whenever the staff feel it is appropriate in line with Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery policies.  If my child has an allergy to sun cream or Smidge I agree to provide an alternative.

Application of Face Paint

I give consent to staff to apply face paint to my child from time to time. All face paint applied will be suitable for skin application.

Changing clothing

I give consent that my child may use other kit or have to replace kit on a daily basis. I understand that spare wellies are shared with other children. I understand that if I choose not to provide this consent I am required to supply suitable alternative spare clothes and wellies.  

Handling Livestock

I give consent that my child will be involved in handling livestock. This will include handling, feeding and maintaining homes of livestock. All visits to livestock areas will be carefully planned and Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery procedures followed to ensure the highest safety standards possible.

Terms and Conditions


Start Date


If, after enrolment, you require to delay your child's advised start date please note that Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery can only guarantee to accommodate a delay in start date by a maximum of one month. If you request to delay your child's start date by more than one month this will be accommodated where possible. If your request for a longer delay to your start date cannot be accommodated, Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery reserves the right to amend your child's start date to the following January or August.



Payment of Fees (applies to additional hours or privately paid sessions) (not applicable to Highland Council funded hours for eligible children)


Fees are payable per term in advance by BACS. Invoices will be issued in advance. If you are planning a holiday please give us a minimum of 4 weeks notice and as much notice as possible when children are off sick. Refunds will only be considered when notice has been given for holidays. A doctors note may be requested in the instance of repeat absence from illness. Fees and payment terms are normally subject to annual review but may be revised at other times with reasonable notice. Please be aware that in order to run the nursery we depend on the support of parents and their commitment to providing an outdoor learning experience for their children and that late payment may have a detrimental impact on this service. 


Our hourly service rate is £5.50 an hour. 

Service hours are 8 hours a day (from 8.30-4.30).   





Extra sessions will be invoiced for immediate payment. If you wish to decrease your child’s attendance, we require one month’s written notice.   


Termination Notice


One month’s notice in writing, or payment in lieu of notice, must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from the Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery.  


Start and Finish Times


Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery operates between the hours of 8.30 am to 4.30pm.  Parents/carers must inform the nursery by 8am if their child is not attending the nursery that day.  


Children cannot be cared for out with the normal nursery hours, therefore Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery reserves the right to charge £15 per child for every 10 minutes late in collection.


Medical Symptoms and Medication


Please follow most up to date Covid19 guidance.


For the health and welfare of all children who come to the nursery we request that you do not bring your child into nursery if they are ill or have an infectious disease. All unexplained rashes will be treated as infectious until they have been assessed by a doctor. We reserve the right to contact you or your emergency contacts to make arrangements for you to collect your child from the Kinder Croft Outdoor Nursery if staff feel that your child is not well enough to attend.  


Following an infectious illness it is essential that your child does not attend the nursery until they are no longer at risk of infecting others. If your child has had symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea (or both), it is essential that they do not attend until 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped.


If your child is on any medication which has to be administered whilst attending the Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery, you must complete a medicine consent form giving instructions on times and dosage and sign on a daily basis.


Privacy Notice

The Setting shall ensure that at all times it processes personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.  We store enrolment data on our password protected computer.  This data is also transferred and stored on our intranet server and used on the manager’s computer to compile reports and forms.  A paper copy of key data is kept with staff during the day in the case of emergencies.  Other paper data is kept in a secure locked filing cabinet. 


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions


I hereby confirm that I have read through the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment outlined above, I accept these as being my contractual obligation to Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery. Kinder Croft CIC reserve the right to update these terms at any time and will give parents a minimum of one months notice when doing so.


I understand that once I have submitted this form that this will form the basis of a contract between myself and Kinder Croft CIC Outdoor Nursery.  







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