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Nursery Manager

Stephanie Martin


Working with children is my passion and I've had the privilege to have worked within the early childcare sector for over 11 years. As a qualified Forest School leader I have a love for outdoor learning with four years of forest school experience and knowledge.

I am enthusiastic to promote outdoor education and know

first-hand how it helps to grow children's abilities in a fun way, whilst also letting them be children.

I strongly believe that the best way to learn is through play.

Nursery Practitioner

John Woods

My name is John and I'm a local resident who has recently qualified as a primary school teacher. I'm excited to take up the role as Early Years Practitioner at Kinder Croft as I feel it will give me the opportunity to use my recently acquired professional skills in a way that accords with my personal interests. 

believe education should be about providing the ideal conditions for self-directed growth and where better to do this than in a forest nursery.


Nursery Practitioner

Emma Copestake

Having grown up in the wonderful community of Ullapool, I have always enjoyed a passion for the outdoors and exploring the natural environment. This is matched only by my love of working with children, so I am excited to be part of the great team at Kinder Croft to share these interests. The outdoor education at Kinder Croft provides the best opportunity to share this incredible natural space with the children and helps them to learn through play.


I believe that providing a safe and supportive environment enables children to explore their natural curiosities and I enjoy sharing this curiosity through play and learning together.


Nursery Practitioner

Jen Mullen

My name is Jen and I am passionate about helping connect people to nature, our environment and the outdoors.  Hiking, surfing, camping, cooking and kayaking are some of my favourite outdoor activities. Spending so much of my time outside has given me the opportunity to learn about our environment and everything that depends upon it. I am keen to protect it and help inspire others to care for and respect it. 


I am hugely supportive of outdoor learning for young people as I believe it helps to build important life skills and it instils a deep connection to our wonderful natural world. I also believe that time spent outdoors is incredibly healing and exhilarating for the mind. 


While working for a conservation charity, I had the opportunity to help at many local events which were aimed at connecting young people to nature and their local environment. From these sessions, I saw how beneficial outdoor education and learning through play can be.


I am excited to be able to help out a local initiative that promotes so many things I care about and to be able to help children learn in a safe and inspiring outdoor setting.  

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Co - Directors


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