Nursery Manager

Stephanie Martin


Working with children is my passion and I've had the privilege to have worked within the early childcare sector for over 11 years. As a qualified Forest School leader I have a love for outdoor learning with four years of forest school experience and knowledge.

I am enthusiastic to promote outdoor education and know

first-hand how it helps to grow children's abilities in a fun way, whilst also letting them be children.

I strongly believe that the best way to learn is through play.

Nursery Practitioner

John Woods

My name is John and I'm a local resident who has recently qualified as a primary school teacher. I'm excited to take up the role as Early Years Practitioner at Kinder Croft as I feel it will give me the opportunity to use my recently acquired professional skills in a way that accords with my personal interests. 

believe education should be about providing the ideal conditions for self-directed growth and where better to do this than in a forest nursery.

Co - Directors


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